Are you having issues trying to re-list your tickets to Wine Machine 2022 or NYE in the Park?

Tixel is partnered with and has an integration with IWannaTicket, which means that all buyers on Tixel receive a new ticket and barcode to their email. Unfortunately, the new ticket is not displayed in the “Purchased Ticket” section of the buyer's Tixel account and therefore is not available for re-sale.

It is important that when you are trying to re-sell any tickets from IWannaTicket, you find the new PDF that you were sent via email. You’ll be able to locate the new ticket by searching “IWannaTicket” in your inbox, don’t forget your spam/junk folders too!

Once you have located the PDF, you can list your ticket here and follow the PDF listing instruction in the FAQs at the bottom.

If you are having trouble finding the ticket in your emails, please contact IWannaTicket through this link and they will be able to reissue the ticket to you.

Please note this FAQ is to assist with re-listing an IWannaTicket ticket that has been purchased on Tixel. If you are trying to list your ticket for the first time, please visit here.



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