What if I am just giving my ticket to a friend or have found a buyer privately?

Before you finalise your listing, there is an option to create a private listing.

If you select a private listing, your tickets can only be purchased by people you have sent your private listing link to. The ticket will not appear on the Tixel public event page.

Steps to list a ticket privately are as follows;

  1. Choose how you would like to list your ticket here
  2. Once you select the ticket, you can choose the price, whether you want the listing to be public or private and put any helpful notes for your future buyer. 
  3. Follow the rest of the listing flow to add in your address and also your bank details.
  4. Copy and share your unique private listing link with your friend or new buyer.

Please note some events charge a fee for transferring tickets to buyers. This can raise the minimum listing price from $1, read more here.


In the event of a refund, only the amount transacted through Tixel will be eligible. Any funds processed externally from Tixel will not be eligible for a refund through Tixel's Buyer Guarantee. 


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