Tixel provides a Buyer Guarantee that:

  • Tickets will be provided in time for the event.
  • Tickets will provide valid entry to the event.
  • Tickets provided are the same tickets ordered.

If any of these above three points do not occur, we will provide comparable or better tickets to the event or offer you a full refund.*

If you are having any issues with your ticket please get in touch with your seller first through your Purchased Tickets section. 

If the chat option is not available for your ticket or your seller was unable to help you with your ticket issue then please ensure you gather the relevant evidence and send it through to Community Support within 48 hours of the event ending. 


If you purchase a ticket from someone privately through Tixel, only the amount transacted through Tixel will be eligible for a refund. Any funds processed externally from Tixel will not be eligible for a refund through Tixel's Buyer Guarantee.


*Buyers will need to provide sufficient evidence to the Community Support team, confirming that they did not gain access to their event before a decision can be made on a refund. This process is designed to protect sellers from fraudulent claims of no entry on a legitimate sale. You can refer to our terms and conditions here.


Need more help? Contact our Support Team here.

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