Listing tickets to resell on Tixel is fast, easy and safe. Sellers are protected by our anti-fraud technology, and we keep your tickets in escrow until you receive payment from the buyer!

If you are wondering where to resell your tickets, visit our ticket upload page here.

Upload: Once you have selected "Sell your ticket", you will be prompted with:

1. Yes, I've received a ticket with a barcode. This will be used when you have received your PDF, mobile or SMS ticket from ticketing platforms such as Ticketmaster, Ticketek, Eventbrite, Humanitix and Moshtix.

2. No, I have a purchase confirmation email but no tickets. This is to be used when the primary ticketing company hasn't issued you a ticket yet. If you need help finding your email or order confirmation email, please read some tips here.

Adjust: Once you have uploaded your ticket through one of the above methods, we will automatically read the event details, ticket price etc. You can now adjust how much you would like to sell the ticket for and choose which tickets to sell (if you have uploaded multiple tickets).

Personal Details: If you don’t already have a Tixel account, you must create one here. Otherwise, log in and make sure your personal details are correct. This is an important step to make sure we can transfer your funds in the future.

Confirm: Check to ensure ticket pricing and your personal details are correct

Share: Your ticket is now listed on the event, and you can share it on social media to increase your chances of selling!



Need more help? Contact our Support Team here.

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