If your tickets are not available for download in your Purchased Tickets section, please don't stress! We work hard to ensure that all tickets are provided to buyers in time for their event. There are 2 different ways that you could receive your ticket:

The seller provides the ticket
Your seller may be required to provide you with an updated ticket due to special requirements or due to the delayed release of the original ticket. In this case, don't hesitate to get in touch with your seller in the buyer/seller chat to organise a ticket transfer, they will be sent a notification that you have contacted them. 

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Tixel provides the ticket
If your ticket says it's not ready for download yet, this means that we have an integration with the ticketing company and will provide a new ticket with a new barcode to you as soon as possible. Most tickets are reissued to buyers immediately, but sometimes we are delayed by ticket processing times. 

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We have answered some other common questions below:

Why won't my seller send me my ticket now?

It is very common for ticketing companies such as Ticketmaster and Ticketek to delay the release of the original ticket until the week of the event, sometimes even 24-48 hours before the event. We recommend contacting your seller after the sale is made to touch base regarding a ticket transfer when the ticket becomes available. 

My seller isn't responding, what should I do? 

Most sellers respond within 6 hours of buyers sending them a message. Please don't stress, they are sent a notification via SMS and email that you are trying to contact them. Tixel also ensures that we send these sellers automatic SMSs to get in contact with their buyers immediately, the seller will not be paid if they do not transfer a valid ticket. 

If you aren't able to see anything at all in your Purchased Tickets section please view more information here



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