Are you being met with an error message when trying to list your ticket? Please take a look at the most common error message below:

The event was in the past

Was your event rescheduled? Please make sure you are trying to upload a ticket with the new date. You can read more here.

Your ticket is modified

To protect buyers, our system is very sensitive to any files that have been modified in any way. You'll be able to read more here.

This ticket is no longer valid

This will likely mean that the ticket status has changed with the original ticketing company. If you are sure the ticket is valid, please contact our Community Support team via the chat button in the bottom right corner and they will help troubleshoot. 

You can not sell free tickets on Tixel, sorry

We are unable to support free tickets on Tixel, you cannot 'sell' something that has a $0 value. 

Occasionally tickets for rescheduled events are issued with a $0 value. If you think your ticket is meant to have a price on it, please get in touch with our Community Support via the Help button. 

Unfortunately, this ticket category cannot be listed

Sometimes, an event organiser or specific event rules will not allow a certain ticket type to trade. 

Resale Closed

There are three reasons why you may see 'resale closed' when trying to list your ticket.

1. The event has been rescheduled, and you are trying to list a ticket with the original date (in the past)

2. Event status, resale may not be open:

If you are still seeing that resale is closed, please check the Tixel event page to view the status of the event. e.g. some events may say, 'Come back later, resale is not open.'

3. Resale has to be closed early to allow for name transfer processing 

In some cases, we may need to close resale the day before the event to give the sellers enough time to process a name transfer, please keep this in mind.



Need more help? Contact our Support Team here.

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