Why do I need to transfer the ticket, hasn't Tixel already provided it to the buyer?

For some ticket types and events, Tixel is not able to pass on a ticket to the buyer at the point of purchase. This means the seller is required to transfer an updated or new ticket to their buyer. The seller and buyer will have a call to action in their Listed or Purchased tickets, see below.

Seller                                                    Buyer
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I'm being asked to send a ticket to my buyer in the chat, what should I do?

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that they provide an updated ticket to their buyer in time for their event or the seller might not receive their payout. This includes checking for the event's name change requirements and covering any fees associated with updating a ticket. 

For example, if a seller has sold a Moshtix ticket and the event FAQs state that a name-on ticket policy is being enforced it is the seller's responsibility to process the name change through Moshtix, cover the cost and then pass the new ticket onto the buyer within the buyer/seller chat.

To pass the ticket to your buyer in the buyer/seller chat, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Find the ticket they need to transfer and download it.
  2. Visit your buyer/seller chat inbox here.
  3. Click on “+” in the buyer/seller chat.
  4. Upload the ticket file directly to the chat

My tickets are being held in a mobile app and I can't download them, what should I do?

For most ticketing apps you can transfer directly to your buyer's email or phone number which you can ask them for in the buyer/seller chat. Once you have transferred the tickets, please upload confirmation of the successful transfer in the chat to be eligible to receive your payout after the event. 

Most ticketing companies transfers or forwards are free and the name is automatically changed. You can view instructions on how to transfer with our most popular ticketing companies below. 





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Please note, If the seller does not send a valid ticket at least 12 hours hours before the event, they will not be paid and may be fined 50% of the ticket price.


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