There may be occasions where a Tixel account has verification issues, see our most common questions below:

1. I am trying to withdraw my payout but it's saying that I am unverified?

Please ensure you have added your bank details to the Payouts section. Please note that not all funds are released before an event and you may need to wait till after the event to withdraw, view more information here. An ETA is displayed in your Payouts section advising when pending funds in Stripe will be available to withdraw. 

2. I am trying to purchase a ticket but it's saying I am unverified? 

Please ensure you have added your card details correctly into the Card section of your account.

3. How do I verify my account?

You'll see a "Verify" button in your Profile section before withdrawing your funds, please ensure you have filled out all your details in the Profile, Card and Payouts section before verifying. You will be asked to update your details by our payment provider Stripe, please ensure you upload the correct document and take clear photos. 

4. What if the Stripe verification fails?

You will receive an email from Stripe advising that verification has failed. This is usually because the photos provided in the ID check are unclear. Please try again taking this into careful consideration. 

5. I'm still having issues, how can I verify my account?

We may need to manually verify your account. The best documents to provide are a driver's license with your address or a passport. Please reach out to our Community Support team through the contact form



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