How long does it take for bank transfers to arrive?

Tixel will release all funds 24-48 hours after the event takes place. Before you withdraw funds, you have to complete the payout information so we know where to send your money. 

Our payment provider, Stripe, can only let you withdraw the funds once they have verified your identity with them. 

To give you an idea of when to expect a payment, we've included the estimated time of arrival in your Listed Tickets section. Click "Manage" on the ticket that you have sold to see the status of your funds. This is just an estimate, so may vary slightly. It should usually take standard bank processing times to reach your account, around 1-4 business days. 

Please note - Your online statement might be slightly delayed in showing the payment. Please allow 4-6 hours after Tixel’s expected payment for the payment to show up.

Here is extra more information about receiving your payouts.



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