I sold a ticket but haven't received the payout yet

There are a few possible reasons why you might not be able to receive your funds, even though you've sold a ticket already:

  • The event hasn’t passed yet. Remember - for most events your funds are only available after the event. To give you an idea of when to expect a payment, we display the estimated time of arrival within the individual ticket management in the Listed Tickets section.
  • You still need to provide full personal details. You can head to the personal settings page and make sure it's complete.
  • You haven’t completed the payout details. Head to Payouts and make sure it’s complete.
  • Our payment provider is still verifying your account. You will be able to see if your account is under verification in your Payout section.
  • On rare occasions, our payment provider may require ID verification before they can make a transfer to your account. See more information about verifying your account.

You might also be waiting for your bank transfer to arrive. You can find more information about bank transfers here.

In some regions, you will also have the option to use Express Withdrawal, which allows you to withdraw before the date of the event. If you are unable to click the "Withdraw" button under the Payouts section in your account then your event or region may not be eligible for early withdrawal....yet! You can read more information about Express Withdrawal here



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