I sold a ticket but haven't received the payout yet

There are a few possible reasons why you might not have received your funds, even though you've sold a ticket already. Please take a look at some common questions below: 

When will I receive my payout after selling a ticket? 

Your funds are typically available 3 days after the event ends. You can see an ETA in the payouts section of when your funds will be made available. Please be patient and wait 3 days after the event has finished before reaching out to us, we cannot speed this up. 

Can I withdraw before the event date?

In some regions and for some ticket types, you may have the option to withdraw before the date of the event. In cases where Express Withdrawal is available, you will need to wait 3 business days from the sale of the ticket for the payout to be released. 

If you aren't able to complete a withdrawal before the event date, this means your sale is not eligible for Express Withdrawal.

The event ended more than 3 days ago, why haven't I received my funds?

There still may be action required from you to receive your funds, they may be:

  • You haven't provided all of your details. You can head to the personal settings page and make sure it's complete.
  • You haven’t completed the payout details. Head to Payouts and make sure it’s complete.
  • Our payment provider is still verifying your account. You will be able to see if your account is under verification in your Payouts section.
  • Our payment provider may require ID verification before they can make a transfer to your account. See more information about verifying your account.

If you have withdrawn the money from your Tixel account, it usually takes the usual 1-4 business days for the money to hit your account. You can find more information about bank transfers here.



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