What if the event organisers require names on the tickets to be changed?

Some events required a name change for the buyer to get into the event. We will always ensure that we notify sellers when a name change is required however, it is the seller’s responsibility to complete the name change process quickly and accurately, including covering any costs associated with the name change. We hold on to the buyer's money until this name change has been completed.

If the event requires a name change it is really important that you contact your buyer via the buyer/seller chat immediately in the Listed Tickets section of your account to grab their details.

Once you have their details you can process a name change through the primary ticketing company and then upload the updated ticket into the buyer/seller chat. If you are not sending them the ticket directly in the chat, please upload proof of transfer.  

If a name change and updated ticket has not been sent to the buyer 48 hours prior to the event, the seller may not be eligible to receive their payout and may be fined up to 50% of the ticket. 

Please note, we are partnered with lots of events on the platform, which means it is Tixel's responsibility to provide an updated ticket to the buyer. These tickets will be fulfilled before the event and there will be no buyer/seller chat available for these events.



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