How does Pre-Authorisation and Auto-Purchase work?

Auto-Purchase may be disabled on some events. This typically applies to stadium events. If you can't find the option to register for Auto-Purchase, the best way to secure a ticket is by registering to receive alerts via the waitlist.

If you don't just want to receive alerts and would rather lock your place in the queue, we also allow you to pre-authorise your credit card for some events. This means that if a ticket that matches your preferences (both ticket type and price) becomes available, we can Auto-Purchase on your behalf.

To register for an Auto-Purchase, you will need to click "Join Waitlist" need to provide all your personal details and a valid credit card. Once registered, you still aren't guaranteed to receive a ticket. This can depend on how many other fans have pre-authorised, as well as how many fans are selling tickets.

Some credit card issuers might require 2FA (two-factor authentication) on some purchases. When this happens, the Auto-Purchase might fail because you won't be present at the transaction to receive the code and submit it in time.

 It’s important to remember, for popular events, there could be many other fans also waiting for an Auto-Purchase. To give yourself the best chance, we recommend;

  • Selecting the correct type of ticket you want to buy
  • We cap ticket prices at face value + 10% in AU/NZ/EU and +20% in UK//US, so you can bid the maximum amount without fear of paying too much for a ticket.

Please note, if the incorrect ticket category is selected and a purchase is made, Tixel will not be able to provide a refund. You can still resell the ticket on Tixel by following the instruction here.



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