Can my seller print the ticket and go to the event?

For some events on Tixel, where we work with the event organiser or the primary ticketing company, we are able to provide a brand new ticket to the buyer, for these events there is no way the seller can gain entry, as their old ticket and barcode are invalidated.

For events without this functionality, we do everything we can to prevent this from happening. We ensure:

  • Our 100% buyer guarantee is in place to protect our buyers.
  • For the majority of these events, we hold the funds until after the event takes place to ensure the buyer is 100% financially protected and that the seller has no incentive to do anything wrong. In the rare case that something does go wrong, you can submit a claim following these instructions
  • The seller has to provide all of their banking details and personal information before listing a ticket, so no seller is anonymous. 

If a seller is found to have used a ticket that he/she has already sold, we will investigate this matter and will proceed accordingly.



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