Can I cancel the sale of a ticket once it’s been sold?

Once a ticket has sold this transaction is final! Selling your ticket to another buyer outside of Tixel creates a terrible experience for your Tixel buyer and may end in your seller account being blocked permanently

How do I cancel a sale if I have already passed the ticket to someone outside of Tixel?

In the event that you sell your ticket on Tixel and another platform, we want to do everything we can to avoid your Tixel buyer getting knocked back at the gate. In order for us to review your cancellation request, please:
1. Visit here
2. Choose your event
3. Select the issue type "I want to cancel my sale" 
4. Choose a reason
5. Submit a summary of what's happened and attach evidence of the sale

This is extremely important, as we will need to update the buyer, investigate a potential refund and also want to ensure that your buyer does not have any issues with their ticket at the gate.

Can I cancel a sale if the event is cancelled or rescheduled?

When an event is cancelled, we will most likely refund your buyer meaning that the transaction will be cancelled and you will be able to request a refund from the ticketing company. 

When an event has been rescheduled, in most cases your sale will stay valid, unless we advise you otherwise. 

If the event you have sold a ticket to is rescheduled or cancelled, and you have not heard an update from us, please contact our Community Support Team via the chat bubble in the bottom right corner. 



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