We do not email you a copy of the tickets you have purchased. You can either:

1. Download the ticket(s) from Purchased Tickets. We do include a link to this in the purchase confirmation email or;
2. Contact your seller in the buyer/seller chat in the Purchased Tickets section to obtain an updated ticket. This is necessary for events with name changes or events that release their tickets closer to the event starting. You will receive an email or comms in the Purchase Tickets section if it is required. 

It's really important that you get into contact with your seller via the buyer/seller chat to process name changes or receive updated tickets closer to the event. 

Please note, we are partnered with lots of events on the platform, which means it is Tixel's responsibility to provide an updated ticket to the buyer. These tickets will be fulfilled before the event and there will be no buyer/seller chat available for these events.

If you still aren't able to find your tickets, please check out this FAQ.



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