What happens if my event is rescheduled?

At Tixel, we are always committed to providing the safest and simplest ticketing experience for fans. We are working with our payment provider, event organisers and ticketing companies to work through rescheduled/postponed events to ensure all fans are looked after. Most event reschedules, are broken down on whether we are partnered with an event or not and what that event organiser's reschedule policy is.

If we are partnered with the event, your sale will stay valid in most cases.

If we aren't partnered with an event, we will most likely reverse the sale of this ticket, meaning you will have the following options;

  • Keep your ticket, and attend the new dates if you can make it;
  • Apply for a refund via the event organisers' refund process and get paid back asap. If you would like to apply for a refund, please follow the procedure outlined by the primary ticketing agent.

For both partnered and unpartnered events, you can resell your ticket via the "Resell" button in the Listed Tickets section of your Tixel account.

If we are partnered with an event, your sale will most likely stay valid and you will have the opportunity to request a refund in line with the event organiser's policy.

If we are not partnered with this event, your tickets will not be reissued, this means we will be reversing your sale and issuing you a refund for your ticket. This is the best way to keep you safe and ensure all buyers and sellers are looked after.

But, don't stress if you are still wanting to attend the new dates! There may be an opportunity to buy a new ticket from the event organisers once the refund window is closed and new dates are announced. You can also look to purchase a new ticket on Tixel for the new dates.

When a sale is reversed, you will receive your refund back to the credit card of purchase.



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