How can I tell if the event organisers require name changes?

Do I need to worry about the name on my ticket for every event?

In most cases, you don't need to worry about your name matching the ticket. It is up to the seller to recognise if a ticket has special requirements, they can do this by checking the FAQ’s for the event. 

For most ticketing companies like Ticketmaster, Ticketek and DICE the name will automatically update when a successful ticket transfer is completed within the app, you can read more about transferring for specific ticketing companies here.

What if there are special name change requirements?

If there are any special name change requirements, the best way to handle this is by contacting your seller through the buyer/seller chat and asking them to process a name change with the original ticketing platform. 

Who is responsible for name changes and associated costs?

Sellers are responsible for managing any special requirements for their tickets, including name changes and the associated costs.

What happens when I contact the seller for a name change?

When you send a message to the seller, they will receive an SMS notification. It's in their best interest to help you since they won't be paid if you're unable to enter the event.

What if the event is partnered with us and has a name-on-ticket policy?

If we're partnered with an event that has a name-on-ticket policy, we'll ask you for the information you want on the tickets at the point of purchase, ensuring you get your ticket on time for the event.

Are all events the same in terms of ticket policies?

No, we partner with lots of events on our platform, and for some, we take responsibility for providing updated tickets to the buyer. These tickets will be fulfilled before the event, and there won't be a buyer/seller chat available for these events.



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