We have an integration with Humanitix which allows us to cancel the original tickets' barcode and reissue a new ticket to the buyer in their name. This has been set up in an effort to stop scalpers and scammers Tixel.

The easiest way to list a Humanitix ticket is to save your PDF ticket and upload this to Tixel
1. Search in your Humanitix account, or your email inbox for order@humanitix.com
2. You should see an email with the tagline starting with 'Order confirmation for [Event Name]'

If you cannot locate your booking confirmation, check your junk/spam folders or any other associated email address you may have used to purchase your ticket.

Some emails from Humanitix don't have tickets attached, so you may need to click through to find your PDF.
1. In your confirmation email there will be a 'view tickets' button which will take you to the PDF ticket to download.
2. You can also click 'Download & print' in the email body.

Once you have the PDF, there are instructions here to help you list your ticket.

Having trouble saving your PDF ticket?
For more information on saving PDF tickets on mobile, head here and on desktop, head here.

Once your ticket sells, your buyer will get an email from Humanitix asking them to submit details for each ticket purchased. Your buyer will then receive a new ticket with their details directly from Humanitix via email.



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