We currently support all of the largest ticketing companies' mobile tickets. You can log in to your account through the link provided below and list your tickets immediately!

Log into your Ticketmaster account here. 

Your Ticketek Mobile ticket link starts with https://www.ticketek.mobi/ and can be found in two places.
1. In an SMS Ticketek was sent when you first purchased the ticket.
2. At the bottom of your ticket confirmation email.
Once you have your ticket URL simply copy and paste it on our SMS upload page. Alternatively, you can list your original confirmation email here.

SEE Tickets
Log into your SEE Tickets account here.

Log into your Kaboodle account here

Log into your DICE account here.

Log into your AXS account here.

Please note, that the tickets must be viewable in the associated account for us to recognise them. If you have received a PDF, email confirmation or SMS ticket from these ticketing companies, please try listing them via the methods listed in this FAQ



Need more help? Contact our Support Team here.

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