As with every ticket listed on Tixel in Australia, listing prices for Ticketmaster tickets will be capped at a max of 10% above the face value of the ticket (and we automatically detect the face value through our anti-fraud technology).

Check out the different ways that you can list Ticketmaster tickets below.

Ticketmaster Account
You can log into your Ticketmaster account here. Don't worry we won't save any of your credentials. If you are having any issues, simple troubleshooting includes:

  • Checking you have the correct credentials
  • Updating your Ticketmaster app
  • Clearing your cookies/history
  • Using a laptop or desktop
  • Resetting your Ticketmaster password 

Apple Wallet 
You can follow the instructions here.

Please note, that we are not able to accept tickets that were purchased on Ticketmaster Marketplace.



Still need help? Contact our Community Support Team here.

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