How to transfer Ticketmaster tickets to a buyer

Do I need to transfer my Ticketmaster ticket to my buyer? 

Ticketmaster do not check names at the door for their events. The ticket that has been provided to the buyer in the Purchased Tickets section in the seller's name is valid for entry to their event.

Although it is not compulsory, the Ticketmaster Forward is free and only takes 2 minutes! We encourage the seller to transfer the ticket to the buyer through the Ticketmaster app. You can follow the instructions in this Ticketmaster FAQ to forward the ticket. 

It says the tickets aren't available until closer to the event, what am I supposed to do? 

Some tickets aren’t released until the week of the event which means the buyer might not have received a ticket after purchase. If there is no ticket in the buyer's Purchased Tickets section, no stress! Ticketmaster Forward can usually be used to forward the ticket prior to the tickets being made available in the app. If not, you will need to wait till closer to the event when the feature is made available.

We always recommend touching base with your buyer or seller through the buyer/seller chat to pass on any details that may be needed when ticket forward is made available. 

What do I do if I have bought and then re-sold a ticket on Tixel?

We would strongly recommend transferring the tickets through Ticketmaster. If you haven't received the ticket from your seller in Ticketmaster yet, please reach out to them in the buyer/seller chat and arrange a transfer. You can then pass the ticket on to your buyer in Ticketmaster. 

Are there any events where I am required to transfer the tickets within Ticketmaster?

Yes, please ensure that you are using Ticketmaster Forward for all Australian Open and Australian Grand Prix tickets. This is a requirement to receive your payout.


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