Do I need to complete a Moshtix name change for my buyer? 

Some Moshtix events include a name-on-ticket policy and therefore we would recommend completing a name change or transfer for all Moshtix tickets sold on Tixel. The ticket that has been provided to the buyer in the Purchased Tickets section in the seller's name will need to be updated unless advised otherwise by Tixel. 

It's super quick to complete a name change and reissue a new ticket in the buyer's name. You can read how to reissue a ticket in this Moshtix FAQ. Once reissued the seller will receive the new ticket in the buyer's name and will need to pass it on by clicking the "Send Ticket" button in the Listed Tickets section and uploading the PDF of the updated ticket.

We always recommend reaching out to your buyer or seller in the chat as soon as a ticket sale has been finalised to exchange details for the ticket reissue. 

It's asking me to pay a fee, who is responsible for covering the cost?

It's always the seller's responsibility to check for any name change requirements and to cover the cost of the name change fee. 

What do I do if I bought and then re-sold a ticket on Tixel?

If you haven't received the ticket from your seller in the buyer/seller chat yet, please reach out to them in the buyer/seller chat and arrange a transfer to your buyer. You can then pass the ticket on to your buyer in the buyer/seller chat. 


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