Can I sell tickets I have purchased from StubHub, Viagogo and Facebook Marketplace?

No, If you have purchased tickets from StubHub, Viagogo and Facebook Marketplace, Tixel reserves the right to refund any sales and block the seller accounts permanently.

Why are ticket listings from other marketplaces not allowed?

We prioritize the validity and verification of tickets to ensure a smooth and secure experience for our fans. Unfortunately, tickets from StubHub, Viagogo, and Facebook Marketplace have been associated with issues related to authenticity and validity. To maintain the highest standards, we've decided not to permit resale of tickets from these platforms.

How can I ensure that my tickets are eligible for resale on your website?

To ensure your tickets can be resold on our platform, we recommend purchasing them through official channels, such as primary ticket sellers. This helps guarantee the authenticity and validity of the tickets, making the resale process smoother for both buyers and sellers.

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