Golden Plains 2024 Resale FAQ

Getting ready to groove at Golden Plains 2024 but have some ticket questions? No worries, we've got your back! Dive into our super handy FAQ to ensure your ticket resale experience is as smooth as the tunes at the festival.

As with every ticket listed on Tixel in Australia, listing prices for Golden Plains tickets will be capped at a max of 10% above the face value of the ticket (and we automatically detect the face value through our anti-fraud technology).

How to list your Golden Plains 2024 ticket for resale

Step 1: Head to our sell page.
Step 2: Forward your original confirmation email with no edits to the unique email address provided.
Step 3: Once verified, you’ll receive an email to complete the listing.
Step 4: Follow the listing prompts to list your tickets.

We suggest adding the suburb or postcode for wristband pickup in the notes section when going through the listing process to increase the chances of connecting with a buyer nearby.

My tickets sold! What happens next?

Tickets for Golden Plains 2024 will be in the form of wristbands.
Wristbands for the event will be sent directly to the original ticket purchaser’s address in mid-February 2024 by the event organiser. This means that the buyer and seller will need to arrange delivery or pick-up for the wristband in order for the buyer to gain entry to the event.

Once you've sold your ticket, it’s really important to contact your buyer straight away through the buyer/seller chat to touch base and organise an exchange. This could be done via face-to-face meet-ups, Uber, or express post.

Please note, that funds for Golden Plains 2024 tickets won’t be released to sellers until we confirm their buyer could get into the event. This usually occurs around 3 days after the event has finished.

When will I receive my ticket?

Tickets for Golden Plains 2024 are in the form of wristbands and will not be delivered to sellers until mid-February 2024. Please contact your seller in the buyer/seller chat to organise delivery or pick up of your wristband.

Once the wristband is received, please make sure you confirm in the chat that you have received it. Sellers will not be paid unless you have confirmed that you received the wristband in the buyer/seller chat.

What should I do if my Seller isn’t responding?

Our #1 priority is to ensure all fans have a valid ticket prior to the event starting and we are sending regular communications to all sellers reminding them of this. Please remain patient with your seller, it is their responsibility to respond to you, or they will not receive their payout for the ticket.



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