Boundary Brighton Festival 2024 Resale FAQ

Tixel is the official resale partner for Boundary Brighton 2024 and has worked closely with Boundary Brighton and their ticketing provider (SEE Tickets) to ensure you can buy and sell tickets safely at this link.

How to list your Boundary Brighton ticket for resale

Step 1: Head to
Step 2: Select 'I don’t have a file to upload’
Step 3: Follow the instructions for forwarding your SEE Tickets confirmation email to Tixel. 

*Note: SEE Tickets confirmation emails are only received by the lead booker and should have the subject line starting with Boundary Brighton Festival 2024 - E-Ticket Order

Why am I unable to list my Boundary Brighton ticket for resale on Tixel?

Most ticket types are allowed to be resold with a few exceptions:

  • Payment plan tickets before the payment plan has been paid in full
  • Coach passes

Please check that the ticket you are trying to sell does not fall into any of the above categories. If it doesn't and you are still having issues, feel free to contact our Community Support via the TixelBot in the bottom right corner to help with troubleshooting. 

I've sold my ticket. What happens next?

Once you've sold your ticket, there is no further action required from sellers. All buyers will be provided with a new ticket which they'll be able to download closer to the event. By default, your funds will be released after the completion of the event, however, you may be eligible for express withdrawal. Click here to find out more.

I've purchased a ticket on Tixel, when will I receive my PDF?

You will be issued with a brand new ticket which will be available to download closer to the event. The date for when PDFs are released is still to be confirmed with the organisers. All buyers will be notified when their tickets are available to be downloaded.

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