What is the 'Minimum Public Price'?

Tixel's 'Minimum Public Price' feature makes sure tickets are only able to be listed publicly for a certain minimum public price to keep their value. If you want to sell for less, you can make a Private Listing instead. This way, you can set your own price by sharing the sale link directly with your buyer, allowing for flexibility while still keeping ticket prices fair on public listings.

Why does the Minimum Public Price exist?

Our goal is to support you in recovering as much of your ticket's value as possible while preventing the need to lower prices merely to compete with other listings. We've seen that there's usually enough love to go around for tickets, meaning there's no need to slash prices drastically. By setting a minimum public price, we're keeping the market stable and fair – good news for both sellers and buyers, ensuring tickets sell for what they're truly worth.

I want to sell my ticket for less than the Minimum Public Price. What can I do?

Absolutely, you have the freedom to sell your ticket at any price you choose through private sales. By listing your ticket privately and sharing your Tixel Profile link with friends, family, or on social media, you can set your own price. This approach allows you to sell your ticket on your terms while still enjoying Tixel's protections, including ticket verification, payment protection, and easy name changes on tickets.


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