As with every ticket listed on Tixel in Australia, listing prices for Wheeler Centre tickets will be capped at a max of 10% above the face value of the ticket (and we automatically detect the face value through our anti-fraud technology).

How to list your Wheeler Centre tickets for resale

Step 1: Head to our sell page.
Step 2: Forward your original confirmation email with no edits to the unique email address provided.
Step 3: Once verified, which may take a couple of minutes you’ll receive an email to complete the listing.
Step 4: Follow the listing prompts to list your tickets.

My tickets sold! What happens next?

Once you've sold your ticket, it’s really important to contact your buyer straight away through the buyer/seller chat to touch base and pass on the ticket that you purchased from the Wheeler Centre. 

When purchasing tickets from the Wheeler Centre, you were given the option to have your tickets emailed to you as either a Digital Mobile Ticket or as a PDF, this ticket needs to be passed onto your buyer in the buyer-seller chat. All Digital Mobile Tickets are stored in your Wheeler Centre online account in Upcoming Events. 

Please note, that funds for Wheeler Centre tickets won’t be released to sellers until we confirm their buyer has their ticket and got into the event. This usually occurs around 3 days after the event has finished.


Need help? Contact Community Support through the chat button in the bottom right corner.

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