Lost Village 2024 Resale on Tixel

As with every ticket listed on Tixel in the United Kingdom, listing prices for Lost Village tickets will be capped at a max of 20% above the face value of the ticket (and we automatically detect the face value through our anti-fraud technology).

How to list your Lost Village tickets for resale
You can list your Lost Village tickets by logging into your Kaboodle account here. Please ensure you are logging into the account that is storing the tickets.

My tickets sold! What happens next?
Once you've sold your ticket, reach out to your buyer through the buyer/seller chat to grab their full name, email, contact number, DOB and next of kin (name and number). Once you have this:

  1. Visit the Kaboodle name change form.
  2. Enter the lead booker and new customer details.
  3. Specify the ticket type you want the name updated in the Any other info section.

Tickets will be delivered to the lead booker (usually the Tixel seller) closer to the event. Once the tickets are received, the seller can upload the new ticket in the buyer's name via the “Send Ticket” button in their Listed Tickets section. This is required for the seller to receive their payout. 

Kaboodle and Lost Village will be closing name changes on Monday 5th August, so please contact them prior. 

What happens if I’ve sold my ticket somewhere else?
Please avoid listing your tickets on Tixel and other marketplaces. This creates a terrible experience for your buyer. 

If you do need to cancel a sale, please follow the directions in this FAQ.

When will I receive my ticket?
The name change facility will be closing on Monday 5th August and we estimate that tickets will be sent to lead bookers a couple of weeks before the festival. Once sellers receive the tickets in their buyer's name, they will be required to pass the ticket to their buyers via their Listed Tickets section to be eligible for their payout. 

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