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What is a Tixel waitlist?
Tixel Waitlists make it easier to find the ticket you've been looking for. Join a Waitlist to receive notifications via SMS or email when someone lists a ticket to a particular event on Tixel.

How does the waitlist work?
You can join the waitlist on any event page by selecting “Join Waitlist”.

Once a ticket is listed, we send alerts to the waitlist before the ticket is made available on the event’s page.

To keep things fair, notifications are sent out to people on the waitlist randomly, every few seconds until the tickets are purchased. So - it pays to stay tuned and have your account set up and ready to buy. You can update your account here.

Note, for popular events where tickets are sold very quickly, there may not be enough time to send out a notification out to everyone.

Can I share that I have joined a waitlist on social media? 
On your Waitlists, you can generate a unique wanted link. If you share that link on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook and somebody clicks on it and lists a ticket we'll give you 30 minutes to buy the ticket before anyone else. Our way of saying thanks for helping spread safe ticket reselling with Tixel!

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