Express Withdrawal allows sellers to withdraw their funds prior to the event date. 

Is my ticket sale eligible for Express Withdrawal?

If your ticket is eligible for Express Withdrawal, you will be notified during the listing process. This is only available for some ticket types in certain regions as we may need to hold the funds until after the event when we can confirm the buyer's successful entry into the event.

My ticket is eligible for Express Withdrawal why can't I withdraw?

Our trusted payment provider, Stripe usually takes 3 business days from the sale of the ticket to release the funds. Please ensure you wait 3 days from the sale for the funds to be released before hitting the 'Withdraw' button in your Payouts section. 

I'm not sure if I am eligible for Express Withdrawal, how can I find out?

No worries, you can visit the Payouts section, 3 business days after your ticket has sold and try withdrawing. If you are not able to complete the withdrawal then your ticket is not eligible for Express Withdrawal. 

Does Tixel charge any fees for using Express Withdrawal?

Yes, all sellers who proceed with Express Withdrawal will be charged a small 1.9% transaction fee. Sellers also need to agree that our payment provider, Stripe, can debit their bank account in the event that a ticket is invalid on the day of the event or they become eligible to receive a refund directly from the event organisers due to cancellations.  

You can follow the links to read more about account debits and cancellations/reschedules.



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