In order to protect buyers, our system is very sensitive to any files that have been modified in any way. So, please check the following to make sure you are attempting to list the original PDF document:

  • Taking a screenshot will not work. You will have to use the original file.
  • When downloading your original ticket, make sure you haven’t clicked ‘Save As’. This will flag the ticket as modified. - Try dragging the ticket directly from your files.
  • Don’t split the tickets up to sell a multi-page ticket in individual pages. If you upload the whole original file, Tixel has the capability to select which pages you would like to sell.

Trying to list your ticket via your mobile phone? You can view some information on how to save the PDF on your mobile here.

Alternatively, you can always list the ticket via email by sending us the original confirmation email here.

Please note, this also relates to email confirmations that were forwarded with the PDF ticket attached. 



Need more help? Contact our Support Team here.

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